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The ACReSAL is a six-year World Bank assisted Project committed to landscapes restoration in Northern Nigeria. The region is characterized by high poverty rates, low literacy, an environment of fragility, conflict, and violence, degradation of natural resources, poor agricultural productivity, climate risks, desertification, poor penetration of modern technology, and weak institutional capacity.

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Agro-Climatic Resilience In Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL)

The ACReSAL project is a multi-sectoral and multi-institutional scheme, covering Environment, Agriculture and Water.  It was designed by the Federal Government to combat desertification, restore degraded lands, and special ecosystems for agriculture and biodiversity conservation.

Addressing these issues will require effort in multiple sectors. The Federal Ministry of Environment is the lead implementing Agency, in collaboration with the Federal Ministries of Water Resources, and Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Local area Environment Versatility

Improve agro-climatic strength at local area and family levels by advancing privately adjusted Maintainable Land and Water The board (SLWM).

Dryland Management

Support Vital Watershed Arranging processes, focus on significant speculations to address desertification and land debasement in northern Nigeria at Government and State level.

Possibility Crisis Reaction

This is a part that could be utilized as important to offer prompt help to a qualified emergency of crisis.

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Institutional Strengthening
and Project Management

Further develop the empowering institutional and strategy starting point for coordinated scene the executives in Nigeria from ACReSAL exercises to longer-term public structure and backing by and large task observing and the board

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