Who We Are

Benue Acresal is positioned to promote sustainable land management practices and uplifting of livelihoods of people across the state. The project activities will cover afforestation, flood and erosion control, climate smart agriculture  (farmer led irrigation  development FLID), community revolving funds, and institutional/community strengthening geared toward the restoration of degraded landscapes.



ACReSAL, which is in line with the Federal Government‘s sustainable goal of restoring 4 million hectares of degraded agricultural land by 2030, has long term objective of increasing the adoption of Climate Resilient Landscape management practice for environmental sustainability and improved agricultural yield for rural farmers, especially women and youth groups. To that effect, Benue ACReSAL has a target of restoring 50,000 Hectares by the end of the project in 2028.

Our Mission

To address environmental challenges arising from Climate Change and poor land-use practices in Benue State.

Our Vision

To have strong practices and policies on ecological restoration and a climate change resilient community.

Meet our Project Coordinator

Bldr. Victor Ama is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, and hard-working leader with many years of experience. He is adaptable to challenging situations and very good at using initiative and taking charge of situations to work for the best possible outcomes. With a background in the construction industry in the private sector, he has accumulated a wealth of experience from handling numerous projects that require astute leadership and management skills. He has used this experience in both his professional and private life. He is an active badminton and table tennis player. His interests lie in developing human capital and promoting worthy projects.

Bldr. Victor Ama

State Project Coordinator



Component A - Dryland Management

This component will implement integrated watershed management planning and address challenges of large-scale watershed degradation in northern Nigeria.

It consists of the following sub-components: (i) strategic watershed planning;
(ii) landscape investments; and
(iii) special ecosystems

Component B - Community Climate Resilience.

It consists of the following sub-components:

(i) community strengthening; and
(ii) community investments.

Component C - Institutional Strengthening and Project Management

This component includes investments to improve the enabling institutional and policy foundation for multisectoral integrated landscape management and climate resilience, as well as support to project management.

It consists of the following sub-components:
(i) institutional and policy strengthening; and
(ii) project management.

Component D - Contingent Emergency Response (CERC)

This is a financing mechanism available to borrowers in investment project financing (IPF) operations to enable quick deployment of uncommitted funds to respond to an eligible crisis or emergency

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